Mat Kearney: Young Love

I’d never heard of Mat Kearney before being offered the opportunity to review his latest album, Young Love. It’s not something I do often on my blog, so after checking out a few of his songs on iTunes and enjoying what I heard, I decided to go ahead with the project.

Upon first listen, I enjoyed the honesty of Mat’s lyrics and the upbeat cadences that accompany most of his songs. Rock music with a hint of hip-hop, this is a mostly positive, feel-good album. Yet many of the songs also have the underlying grit of someone who has lived life and has experienced the full spectrum of the human condition.

Though a contrast to the rest of the album, I especially loved the candor of the last song, titled Rochester. A folksy, melancholy ballad, It details the life of Mat’s father, Michael P Kearney, a man hardened by the Vietnam war, ongoing abuse and personal struggles with addiction, and the hope that one day he would find the strength to change.

The rest of the album is head-bop worthy and is a lot of fun to listen to. Hey Mama, the first song on the album, had me dancing around the room and wishing that I knew the lyrics so that I could sing along. The lyrical themes hold true to the title of the album (Young Love) and I can’t help but wonder as I listen, who is this quirky girl he writes of? An album I’ll definitely enjoy again and again, it has been added to my iPod playlist and is sure to inspire me while I listen!

To get more info about Mat, you can check out his website, like him on Facebook, or to download his music visit his iTunes page.

(Disclosure: I am a One2One network member and received a complimentary copy of the album to review. The opinions expressed above are my own.)


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