Owl Love You Forever: A Valentine’s Card Hoot-orial

Who loves freebies? Who loves Valentine’s Day? Who loves Valentine’s Day Freebies?

I designed this sweet little owl Valentine just for you! It’s easy enough for a kids project and stylish enough for grownups, too!

How to make the card:

Print out the template from the link below. The pieces will be easier to trace (and reuse!)  if printed on cardstock, but plain copy paper will work just fine.

Cut out the owl parts from the template. (Make sure the assembled owl will fit onto the card of your choice, This owl was designed for a card that is at least 4″ by 6″ in size.)

Trace each piece onto the paper of your choice and then cut them out.

Using a glue stick paste the owl parts to the card:  Start with the body. Then assemble the eyes onto the face and glue the face to the top of the body. Next add the beak and the heart, making sure they don’t overlap. Finish by pasting on the wings.

I added feet to my owl with a marker.

Write a cute note on the inside of the card. (You can use a marker or alphabet stamps if you have them.) Some of my cheeky favorites are:

Owl Always Love You!

Owl Love You Forever!

Owl Always Be Your Valentine!

Will You Be My Owlentine?

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hoot Stuff!

Lastly, sign it, seal it, and tuck it away for Valentine’s Day!


Click here for the Hoot-orial (PDF)

P.S. If you make one of these I’d love to see! Please feel free to comment and share your link!


4 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    julee said,

    Too cuooot! <—– Yeah, that's the best I could come up with. 😛

  2. 3

    Michaela said,

    This, I love!

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