When it comes to most leftovers, I’m not a fan. Not included in this generalization are soups, some pasta dishes, sweet potatoes, and roasted or grilled chicken leftovers turned into chicken salad.

To make our favorite leftover chicken salad sandwiches:

Cube or coarsely shred the chicken. You aren’t turning this into pâté or cat food, so please don’t run it through the meat grinder like grandma might. (Mine does, anyway.) In a bowl, mix in one spoonful Dijon mustard and two spoonfuls mayonnaise. (Real mayonnaise, please no Miracle Whip.) Add in a handful of diced red onion and a handful of chopped celery ribs. Toss together until mixed and lightly coated with the mustard/mayo mixture. Spread on one side of a slice of bread– rye works perfectly for this. On the other slice of bread, layer a few thin slices of tomato. (Not shown here because I didn’t have any at the time.) Sprinkle a pinch (a tiny pinch!) of salt on the tomatoes, and a pinch of pepper over the chicken salad. Sandwich together. Slice in half if you’re using two slices of bread. Serve it to your husband (or wife, or mother, or friend, whatever) and they will declare that it is quite possibly the most delicious chicken salad sandwich they’ve ever had.


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  1. 1

    Andi said,

    Mmm….this sounds good. I love chicken salad sandwiches and just roasted a nice big chicken this week-end (very similar to yours – roasted over a bed of root veggies!) Thanks for sharing!

  2. 2

    Jodi said,

    That sounds like the most delicious chicken salad. I’m still dreamiing about your roasted chicken.

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