The Dandelion and the Skipper

I know that the time for lovely weather is quickly fleeting, so I’ve been spending every moment I can outside. I’ve spent countless hours tending to my garden– urging along my pumpkins, harvesting herbs, okra, and peppers, and stomping on every one of those awful stinkbugs that cross my path. I quickly learned never to go anywhere without my camera. Even if I’m going outside just long enough to snip some fresh herbs for dinner the camera comes along.

Sometimes I go on walks to find interesting subjects, but often there are so many beautiful things in my own yard that I don’t find it necessary to wander very far. I liked how this delicate dandelion was almost dancing in the breeze and illuminated by the afternoon light, so I spent a few minutes studying and photographing it. I was also hoping that the monarch who has managed to evade my lens thus far would make an appearance. Standing among the flower gardens, I’m always leery of the bees that I find myself surrounded by. I had a bad experience as a child where bees became tangled in my long hair and I was stung multiple times in the back of my neck. So, it came as quite a startle to me when something whizzed through my hair and my instincts called out “Bees!!”

However it was not a bee, rather this fella trying to get to its  next watering hole, drunk on the nectar from the Lantana that every insect in Laurel seems to know about. After a quick consult of I found that this is the Silver-Spotted Skipper. It hung around for awhile and I chased it as it skipped through the grass like a pebble across a lake.


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    […] Lantana seemed to really attract the butterflies last year so it is definitely included! (See here, here, here, here, and here. Oh, and here too.) Shall I add that it was much less stressful photographing […]

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