Art Project

Since Cheryl commented about my art project and wanting to know more about it, I figured I’d dedicate a little post to discussion about what I’m doing– rather, did, since the project is complete!

I must start by saying that this project felt a little like cheating. In college I majored in Communication Design, and while the designer in me says “This is totally okay!” the artist in me is screaming “You took painting courses, you should have done it the right way!” And so, after painting the brown blocks at the top and bottom of the canvas, the acrylic paint and expensive brushes went in their case and back into the corner of the closet. Sometimes you’ve just got to take the easy road, right?

I designed my blog header and logo using Adobe Illustrator and because it’s a Vector art program I can easily re-size those images to infinity (and beyond) and the print quality will still be phenomenal. After resizing, I printed the images on a high quality 8.5″ by 11″ paper.

I cut out most of the shapes using a Martha Stewart craft knife. The little dots around the flower on the far left would have been sheer misery to cut out by hand, so I used the Martha Stewart screw punch which just so happened to have an attachment that was the perfect size.

Using decoupage glue spread in a thin layer on the canvas, I attached all the pieces. It’s a good idea to let every piece dry thoroughly (and on a flat surface, otherwise the glue/ink will run) before moving on to another area. Also, try not to touch the ink with your fingers or you are likely to leave unsightly smudge marks– a set of craft tweezers was my best friend during this process! Once the pieces are set and the glue is thoroughly dry, coat the surface area with another thin layer of glue to seal everything inside. Voila– you’ve got art.

For those that don’t have access to Illustrator or other programs like it, you could still easily do this project using other materials. For instance, you could use large-print patterned scrapbook paper and cut out the images to arrange on your canvas. Or you could also make a ridiculously cute monogram using the same patterned paper. The possibilities are almost endless…


You may notice that I’m using the cutting knife (and punch) on a cutting mat not designed for that purpose. You really should use a self-healing cutting mat (they’re made of a softer material) and not a mat designed for use with a rotary cutter. Unless, you are like me and left your laptop on top of your mat when you were working on your Christmas ornament tutorial and the heat from the fan warped it so that it no longer lays flat and you had to go buy a second mat that you use for rotary cutting (and not laptops) and you now have a warped mat that you have dedicated for the aforementioned tasks.

Also, while this post sounds like one of those sponsored blog deals, I promise you it’s not. I happen to have an arsenal of Martha products in my studio (and my kitchen!) because, let’s face it, the Martha Stewart company puts out a well-designed, quality product. While I would have loved for Martha to have paid for these items, I did in fact buy them myself.


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