A Fresh Start

On Saturday afternoon, M helped me pull out the remaining dead or unproductive plants in the garden as well as the rat king which was the bean/pea trellis. All that remain are the various pepper plants (which love it here, thankyouverymuch!), a couple of okra, and a few winter squash plants.

Essentially, I started over. And that’s okay! A mid/late-summer planting for so many things will (hopefully) bring us a Fall harvest of delicious things. I had planned to do a late-summer planting, but I didn’t expect to re-seed an entire bed. Oy!

In the far bed we have:
Danvers 126 Carrots
American Flag Leeks
Wild Garden Lettuce Mix (over 60 varieties, I’m not listing them, lol!)
Ruby Red Swiss Chard
Miyashige White Daikon Radish
Long-standing Bloomsdale Spinach
Bunching Onions
Purple Top White Globe Turnips
Cosmic Purple Carrots
Lacinato Kale
Cherry Belle Radishes
Detroit Dark Red Medium Top Beets
Early Purple Vienna Kohlrabi
Single Italian Plain-leafed Parsley

And in the bed with the existing plants I added some more Provider Garden Beans, Waltham Butternut Squash, Long Pod Okra, and Spaghetti Squash. I’m not sure how those will fare into the Fall but since I was gifted an additional bed with which I could start over the remaining space can be an experimental area.

Also plucked this delicious cantaloupe out of the back garden where the corn stalks are drying out and the pumpkins are busy setting blossoms. Oh, how excited I am for Fall to arrive!

You know, I’ve learned a lot of life lessons during this gardening season. I learned about relinquishing control or rather, realizing I never had it in the first place. I can’t control the weather, or the wind, or bugs. Sure, I can water the garden if it hasn’t rained. And I can spray off plants with a soap solution if I find an aphid infestation. But I can’t make the sun shine more or keep the rain from falling or hold back 70-mph winds that knock down bean trellises. But I don’t control nature. That sort of thinking only comes naturally to me when I’m in the garden. My garden is free of worry, free of blame. What a peaceful place to be.


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    julee said,

    Here’s to a bountiful fall harvest!

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