Symbolism In the Garden

Isn’t it funny sometimes how you look at something and think “That looks just like I feel.”

Here it is folks.

I try very hard to be a positive person. Really, I do, but lately it’s been difficult. Dear friends, I have gone through some major health challenges this year and I feel like my garden looks– overrun with weeds, withered, anemic.

But also like my garden, if I look hard enough I can find blossoms of hope. When I pull back the tangled mess hanging off of the downed trellis, I find green beans. They’re hanging on, growing strong, even though their leaves are worn and sucked dry by spider mites. Earlier in the season, I didn’t know if the pepper plants would make it. But now they are plentiful and the fruit is crisp and delicious. The herbs? Many have gone to seed without my watchful eye and constant plucking of their flowers. But they’re still there. And though they are hot and tired and in desperate need of love and attention, they stand tall.

I try to do the same; remain patient like the peppers, steadfast like the green beans, and strong like the basil.


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  1. 1

    booksNyarn said,

    Oh, I hear you on that! It’s been one of those summers for me also, but while I hopelessly look at my basil gone to seed and the squash eaten to stubs, I have one, gorgeous, red tomato hanging from a vine.

    Hang in there!

  2. 2

    julee said,

    You ARE strong, and you WILL persevere! xoxo

  3. 3

    I am so sorry to hear you haven’t been well!

    But your optimism is shining through! You have found positive things where others may not have.

    Take care, we are all here for you!

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