Not-so-Giant Panda

This teensy-weensy bottle cap pincushion now belongs to Alicia, a lover of all things panda, and a new friend that I met for the very first time just last week. I absolutely must share the story of how we met because I think there is an important lesson to be learned.

I was always the type of person who surrounded myself with a lot of friends. That seemed to change around the time I moved to Maryland, and oftentimes I felt like an outsider with no connection to the community around me. To be quite frank, I was pretty lonely and really longing for someone who would be my “bosom buddy” just like in Anne of Green Gables. I’ll try to spare you the histrionics and leave you with this tidbit.

It’s nearly impossible to find friendship when you’re not paying attention to the people right in front of you. Here I was, trading tweets back-and-forth with someone who lived in the same town as me, completely clueless. I could kick myself for not realizing sooner how much Alicia and I had in common. Had she not emailed me first, who knows how long it would have taken for us to get to know each other beyond those 140-character exchanges. Thankfully, she did. We spent three hours one evening last week talking and laughing, finding it uncanny the interests, ideas, and life experiences we share.

Consider the connections in your life– what do you really know about the people who you interact with through blogging, Facebook, or Twitter? There just might be a friendship waiting to blossom and wouldn’t it be a shame to miss it because you haven’t been paying attention?


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