Variations on a Theme

More snow. More carbs. Lots of hot beverages. That seems to be the theme around here lately.

What’s new is the lovely blue quilted table runner that brightens up my kitchen table. It was made by my aunt Linda- who does amazing work, I must say- and arrived in the mail just before the big snowstorm. I oohed and aahed over it the moment it came out of the envelope and then promptly called to tell her how amazing and perfect it was. I’ll share more pictures of it another time. Maybe when I finish (or should it be start) the curtains. I just know they’ll look so perfect together!

We’re supposed to be getting even more snow today which means I’ll be in the kitchen baking something provided we still have power and our house doesn’t cave in from the giant glacier currently creeping its way across the roof. The raisin bread pictured above came out wonderfully delicious. I baked two loaves– one small loaf for us and a larger one to share with some of our neighbors. I’d like to bake another loaf today but I haven’t decided exactly what kind yet. If you have any recommendations or suggestions I’d love to hear them!


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    booksNyarn said,

    Oh that looks yummy! The snow is hitting MA tomorrow, but still undecided about how much we are going to get.

    Banana bread is always my go-to bread. In fact, I think I still have a loaf in the freezer…

    • 2

      Kiki said,

      I absolutely love banana bread but we’ve got no bananas to make any. I usually have a stash of overly ripe ones in the freezer for occasions such as this but we used them all up around Christmas.

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