The Antidote for Grumpy

It turns out the antidote for grumpy is enjoying hot cinnamon buns and making snow people in the yard with hubby and Mr. Tucker.

In anticipation of a snow day, M called his mom last night for her cinnamon bun recipe and made quick work of starting the dough. They turned out rich and delicious.

This morning after enjoying one of the cinnamon buns, I took Mr. Tucker out to play in the snow. It’s one of his favorite activities and I decided that since the temperature was above freezing and the sun was shining it would be a good time to get out of the house and take some photos of the newly fallen snow.

As soon as I stepped foot outside I could tell that this was the perfect snowman snow. It was wet and heavy, and a little push with the tip of my boot resulted in a pile that stuck together quite well. I decided to make a snow person and quickly amassed a huge ball of snow that grew even more humongous in size with the momentum of rolling down the small hill. It took longer to get the center ball up onto the base than it did to make the actual snowball itself.

I decorated her face with button eyes, a carrot nose, and a smile made of seed pods from one of the plants in the garden.

As if one snow person in the yard wasn’t enough, M went into the other corner of the yard and announced that he was going to make a snow person that was even bigger and better than the one I had made.

Please note that his is not nearly as large or fantastic as mine…

Although I do give him kudos on his first real snowman. Previous attempts of his have ended up in complete failure because of not having the “right” kind of snow.

Note the fancy beret on the snow man. That would be one of Mr. Tucker’s frisbees. As we were decorating the face and body, he leapt all around barking at it and trying to get up high enough to retrieve his toy

It was a fun morning, and the perfect way to ward off a case of the grumpies.


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  1. 1

    melli said,

    Kristen, that is just lovely. You know, if we made snowmen like that, you would be seeing pictures of Duff and Apple hanging from the noses. Our dogs will stop at nothing to get a carrot lol!!!

    Thanks for sharing your lovely post, and the dough on those cinnamon rolls looks just wonderful!

  2. 2

    ~julee~ said,

    How fun! Our past two snowfalls haven’t been “snowman” snow, much to A’s dismay.

    And, uh, the next time I come to visit, I totally expect cinnamon rolls.

  3. 3

    Love you cattle dog! Our cattle dog Sheila loves the snow as much as your sweet pup does!~~~XXOO, Beth

  4. 4

    2hippos said,

    Those cinnamon buns look AMAZING. And I am grumpy right now and they make me smile…and salivate.

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