Carnitas: He Said, She Said.

How to Make Carnitas: (husband style)

Women always say they want a man to do things like cook and help them, and even though we discussed this last night and I was told NOT to touch the pork, I decided that women only say what they mean about 50% of the time so I was probably in the right by getting everything started.

I did a lot of research online and I came up with what I felt was the general consensus for a carnitas marinade recipe.

First, you add about 1 cup of OJ into a bowl. Micro-plane in about 4 little nubbies of garlic and a handful of cilantro that I ran my knife through a couple of times like Rachael Ray does it. Then I used the salt and pepper grinders and ground some salt and pepper in there too, maybe 10 turns of each. At this point I’d forgotten what I’d read, but then remembered that some people put bay leaves in the marinade, so I added one of those. And they also used oregano, so I added 3 good shakes of dried oregano. Then came the moment of decision. I looked at how many spices we had (A LOT) and I thought about all of the things I could do and heard Julia Child in my head saying “Be Fearless” but I thought it could also turn into a big disaster, so discretion won out there. I whisked it up, poured it in a plastic bag, threw in the meat snakes* and put it in all in the fridge to marinate until the wife could get it in the crock pot later on.

I was very proud of myself for taking the initiative.

*Meat snakes defined as: Pork loin- about 2.5 lbs.

The meat marinated for about 6 hours. Remove the pork from the marinade and cook  it in the crock-pot on high for 4 hours. Right before serving, use two forks and lightly shred the meat into chunks, then give it a good toss in the juices that it secretes into the crock. This much meat will serve 4-6 people.

If you’ve been here before, you know Carnitas is a favorite of ours.

Don’t tell hubby, but I really liked the marinade he made and I’m glad he took the time to do it. Usually, we don’t plan ahead enough to make a marinade and end up putting seasonings right in with the meat when it gets put into the crockpot. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, it’s just about getting the meat seasoned. When it comes to things like this, every Hispanic family has their own unique seasonings and preferred method of doing things. As the person who married into the Hispanic family, I usually just try my best and hope everything turns out alright.

When it comes to tortillas, Mr. Tucker will sit by the table for the entire meal and smack his chops while shifting his weight back and forth, hoping you’ll notice him. When we lived in Albuquerque, Michael’s Nana would make tortillas and toss an entire one down onto the floor for Mr. Tucker to gobble up. He doesn’t get much people food anymore because of his Epilepsy (not to mention he’s a few pounds overweight!) but usually someone will sneak him bits of soft tortilla under the table when he thinks I’m not looking.


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    Jodi said,

    I’m glad you were talking about pork and not real snakes — I would have been seriously grossed-out. But, it all looks good. Thank goodness for Julia’s voice inside your head!

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