Lazy Sunday Morning

There haven’t been many Sundays lately that have been filled with such laziness. Being a new homeowner means that most Saturdays and Sundays are filled with numerous trips to Lowe’s, Home Depot, and/or the locally owned hardware store. Sometimes all three in one weekend– and sometimes, even, more than one trip to each in a day. But I digress. Today, was indeed a lazy morning! We spent most of the morning on the couch reading our respective paperbacks. M is engrossed in Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets, and I finished up a book called Riverside Park.

I also baked popovers for the first time. The recipe was sent to me by Alicia and was easy to follow. Almost too easy, and I was apprehensive about them the entire time they were in the oven. The recipe specifically said “no peeking” and our oven light mysteriously stopped working today so there was really no way for me to see the magic that was happening inside. And they really are magic, by the way. Picking one up for the first time is akin to lifting what looks like a big, heavy terracotta pot only to find out that it is actually painted styrofoam.

We tried them with all sorts of tasty things. Hubby had his with Gramma Freda’s home-canned peach jam, and I tried mine with raw honey and dandelion jelly. Both were delicious. I see many more popovers in our future.


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