Studio Sneak Peek

I’ll forgo the usual “Sorry, I’ve been lax on the blog front lately, but…” and get right to the point.


Paint is on the sewing/art studio walls! (And actually has been there for awhile) I’ve found that it’s either a love it or polite-enough-not-to-say-anything kind of color. Of course, I love it! I had to laugh when on this season’s HGTV Next Design Star, the eventual winner used this color on the bedroom walls of his finale project literally days after we had painted this room. I laughed even harder (and felt vindicated from the naysayers) when judge Genevieve Gorder proclaimed that it was “just shy of being offensive” and that she loved it.

I spent some time this week unpacking a few boxes and trying to get organized in there, but I’m feeling very overwhelmed. I have so much space to work with, especially in contrast with my old working area which was a shared office, guest room, and creative space. I’ll get things sorted out soon enough. Hopefully, with plenty of time remaining to get started on and more importantly, finish, Christmas gifts for this year.

I’m going to skip the “I’ll try to post more updates soon…” bit also because, well, who knows how long it will really be…

Until then, enjoy the glorious splendor of Fall!


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  1. 1

    2hippos said,

    What fun! I love bright colors. And all that space…enjoy!

  2. 2

    Ruth said,

    I’m in the love it camp as well. It looks like it will be very bright and cheerful to sew in. 🙂

  3. 3

    I absolutely love it too! It looks like it is going to be a great space!

  4. 4

    Leslie said,

    i love this green…what color did you use?

  5. 5

    Kiki said,

    Thanks all!

    Leslie- the color is “Grassy Meadow” from the Olympic Paint line.

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