Mum’s the Word

On Sunday, I met a couple more of the neighbors from across the street. I can’t say enough about how kind and down-to-earth the people are in our neighborhood, especially the family from that particular house. They were close with the former owner of our home, and brought over a photo of her to share with me. They talked about how much she loved animals and gardening, and that when she wasn’t gardening she’d sit out on the front porch all day long in her glider with her dogs in her lap. It was nice to hear about the person who took such care in the home we now call our own. It also explains the stash of dog bones we found hidden behind the range…


Yesterday, my mom and I stopped to pick up some mums to replace the silk flowers in planters that hang from the porch railing and also flank the front steps. Along with the pumpkins sent by my Godfather and Godmother from their family farm and the nip in the air, it’s beginning to feel so much like Fall. What a breath of fresh air to be able to bring life back to this little house on the corner!


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