Sketching Journals


Does your mind get noisy and cluttered? Mine does. It gets like our side table in the living room- the catch-all for bills, junk mail, newspapers, magazines, coupons, discarded grocery lists, birthday cards and numerous other things. These are things that need to be sorted and either thrown out or filed away in the appropriate place before the space feels fresh and ready to entertain.

I almost always have a sketchbook with me wherever I go. Many times if I feel bored or in a funk I’ll work it out on the pages and it helps me deal with the mental clutter. It’s a process, and anyone can do it regardless of whether or not you “can” draw. It doesn’t have to be pretty, though sometimes it will be. It doesn’t have to make sense…

though sometimes, it does. My block for this particular day? The neighbor-boy, frustrated by being corralled inside from the storms and taking his aggression out by banging a stick against our shared patio wall.


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    Kristi said,

    I don’t have a sketchbook at all times, but you should see the margins of my notepads during meetings!

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