Calm After the Storm


Yesterday, as the storm rolled in, the temperature dropped from a sticky and thick 89 degrees to a chilly 61 degrees over the period of an hour, with the last 10 degrees taking place over a matter of minutes. The air felt electrically charged, causing the fine hair on my arms to stand on end. When I peeked out the curtain, the color and swirling of the sky reminded me of the time a tornado blew through my hometown. It was windy, and wild, and the rain came quickly. When the thunder cracked and lighting crackled across the sky, I jumped, clutching my blanket and Mr. Tucker closer to me.

And when it all passed there was a clean glow cast down upon my surroundings. Refreshing. Natural, but unnatural. Breath-taking.

I tried to snap a photo, but it doesn’t do the scene justice. More of a feeling than a sight,  I’m not sure that the best of photographers could have captured its essence…


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    Kristi said,

    I could have used a thunderstorm last night – I love the way it seems to clear out and recharge all the energy. We’ve just had grey skies and scattered rain, but at least I haven’t had to water the garden this week!

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