Baltimore Herb Festival 2009

Yesterday, M and I ventured out to the Baltimore Herb Festival at Leakin Park. We went last year and had a relaxing time, strolling our way along the paved path looking at everything the vendors had to offer. This year was much different. I don’t know if the slumping economy brought out more families looking for cheap entertainment, or what, but the place was packed! We wandered around for awhile and spent quite a bit of time watching the animals from the Carrie Murray Nature Center.


They were exhibitors last year, and came out again with different animals. There was an African Tortoise which munched on carrots and sugar snap peas while some lady swore up and down that she saw one of the very same creatures crossing the road up in Pennsylvania. (Not possible, explained the guide!) I never noticed how dinosaur-like their legs were before!



Also, a Great Horned Owl which panted to cool itself off from the heat. There was also a Falcon, some kind of giant snake (which didn’t creep me out nearly as much as I thought it would), a tarantula and hissing cockroach (which did!), and lots of animal pelts.


We looked at the photography exhibit inside of the Mansion and took a few moments to explore outside. I’ve always been drawn to homes constructed out of stone. When I was little I always dreamed of living in a stone house.


What I wouldn’t give for a sweeping deck like this- a wonderful retreat for a book and glass of lemonade! And speaking of lemonade, we shared a cool cup of that too before heading home. It was strong, and tart, and almost hurt your teeth when you drank it.


There was a large supplier of certified organic herbs that I purchased from last year and was pleased with the price and the quality of the plants, so I bought again from them. I wish I could remember the name of the nursery, but it was so crowded I was more concerned with getting the plants from my list. I had to be a little more assertive than I normally am, but I was tired of being pushed around by rude people. Perhaps next year I’ll think to ask.

Here’s what we bought this year:

pesto basil (2)
Cuban basil
Genovese basil
Siam queen basil (2)
Italian oregano
hot and spicy oregano
cilantro (2)
flat-leaf parsley
Provencal thyme
lemon verbena
variegated lemon balm
orange mint
Gorizia rosemary

They were out of dill, and the crowds were so unwieldy that I decided I’d just pick some up at another time. We also had some chives on our patio that survived the Winter. I must also say that M was nice enough to bring home the perfect-sized planter that he rescued from a coworker about to throw it in the trash. I love that he’s willing to do things like that for me.




It may not be much for some, but for what we have to work with I think it’s a pretty little garden. I yearn for the day when I have enough space of my own to construct raised beds filled with all sorts of plants!



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    christine said,

    I love this festival. This is the first year we did not go…we had other plans that weekend. I am sorry I missed it. It is always a good time.

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