Hello, Crewel World

There’s something magical about walking into a used book shop. I always have to take a moment to stop, close my eyes, and breathe in the sweet smell of the pages. Last weekend as M and I were driving to our lunch destination, I saw a man hammering into the ground a sign advertising a used book store. We decided to stop by after our meal and see what the shop was like. It was  like a lot of used book stores- tiny aisles to walk down, shelves stacked with books that seemed to point in every direction, someone obviously strapped for cash at the register, frowning when they realized that the boxes of books they are trying to sell will only reward them with a few dollars… I browsed through most of the store but quickly found my favorite sections: arts/crafts, cooking, nature, and the classics. I could have wandered around for hours looking at all of the titles, dragging my fingers along the spines, but M quickly settled on a cd and then obliged me about 45 minutes of browsing.


The arts and crafts section of this store was fairly sparse and contained mostly titles about flower arranging, which doesn’t really pique my interest. I did, however, find this book about Crewel embroidery. I don’t know much about Crewel, but the designs in this book called out to me in such a way that I had to bring it home. What I love most is the fluidity of the designs and that a how-to book that’s 32 years old (older than me!) can still be relevant today. Some things just don’t change, no matter how much technology advances. For now, it’s going to go back on a shelf until I have the time to dedicate to learning such a beautiful craft.



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