Stalking Squirrels

So maybe it wasn’t the smartest thing for me to do…but I couldn’t help stalking the squirrels today.



The one clinging to the tree next to the bird feeder (I call this one Acrobat) was absolutely ravenous and allowed me to watch her pluck sunflower seeds out of the feeder to snack on, while the one walking the fence (nickname: gymnast) was a little more conservative in safety practices. Acrobat allowed me to get about a foot away from her before she started flicking her tail and clucking/squawking at me, at which point I jumped back. I’ve never seen a squirrel vs. person attack before, but with her insistent scolding it was probably in my best interests not to stick around and find out…



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    Heidi said,

    I know some people dislike the squirels getting at thier bird feeders but I have to admit, they are cute little critters. I have yet to see any squirels here where I live but we used to have a grand time watching them when we lived in VA. My dog also loved to chase them too!

    BTW, you take great pictures! Where did you learn to take such good photo?

  2. 2

    Kiki said,

    Thanks, Heidi! I was an art/design major in college and had to take a basic photography course as part of graduation requirements. I also took it as an elective in high school, plus it’s just always something I’ve been interested in. Glad you like the photos!

    I don’t like it when the squirrels eat all of the seed and scare away the birds, but I don’t mind too much when they’re all friendly and sharing. They really are fun to watch. Tucker loves to chase them up the trees too- one of these days I worry that he’s going to catch one!

  3. 3

    ~julee~ said,

    I’m gonna have nightmares.


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