Creative Space, Or Lack Thereof

Note- this was written last week but I never had a chance to post. I’ve been a busy girl! I figure better late than never, the latter of which is the case for so many of my ideas…


It feels like there really hasn’t been much going on lately in my creative spaces. I’m surrounded by things that are inspiring and strike my fancy (note the lovely daffodils above), but haven’t had much umph to get to work on projects.

Does cooking count? If so, I made one of our favorite dishes- Moroccan Chicken cooked in parchment paper. It’s a Martha Stewart recipe that we just can’t get enough of and end up making at least 3-4 times over the cold-weather months. Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, I decided to make it for the last time this week. Our little kitchen gets so hot, and it’s just too miserable to have the oven going at that high temperature for so long unless it’s cold outside.



Jo-Ann Fabrics had a sale on Simplicity Patterns this week. I feel as if I’m getting a little ahead of myself since there’s really no way that I have the skills yet to sit down and make these items, but they were all $1.99 and I would like to eventually use some of these projects for my Etsy shop. Once it’s set up, that is!


In other news, I did also find some fabric that I fell in love with and will be turned into napkins. We don’t use paper napkins anymore since they’re wasteful and costly, so I wanted to have some more cloth ones around. Dark cloth ones with big, wild patterns so they don’t show the stains. I think this should do well, no?


Please ignore the multitude of wrinkles! I’m a conscientious pre-washer, but I tend not to iron until I actually start a project…

Oh, and if you want to check out more creative spaces (maybe some with actual activity going on!) check out the Mr Linky list on Kirsty’s blog.


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  1. 1

    Jody said,

    Where to start? You wrote so many things!!

    I know how it is – I often take pictures of things hoping to put it on my blog – next thing you know I’m thinking that Christmas picture with all the snow would be out of place when I’ve been posting things about my garden, the warm weather or other outside activities – something like that but you get what I am saying.

    Love the idea of cooking little meals in parchment paper. I haven’t done this yet but I want to!

    Also LOVE the warm colors of the fabric and the wild design! Keeps your eyes busy! That’s a great idea about the cloth napkins. Great. Now I just added another project to my To Do List – like it needed it. Thanks a lot!

    Do you just use plain cotton fabric when making napkins or is there another better material to use?

  2. 2

    Kiki said,

    Jody- I’ve just been buying 100% cotton for the napkin projects. I’ve been working on a set for my mom using this tutorial: and the cotton works just wonderfully, as does linen. I have a friend who has been making napkins out of over-sized dish towels- she cuts them up into quarters, then folds over the edges and sews around the outside. Those are single-layer ones because the towels are really absorbent.

  3. 3

    Jody said,

    Thanks Kristen – I was thinking some homemade cloth napkins would be good on picnics this summer. Not just because of the waste but they won’t blow away as easily if it’s a little windy.

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