Cold-Weather Meals and Activities

It’s been bone-chilling outside as of late, and while the weathermen (and lone weatherwoman) have been waffling on their snow predictions more times than I care to count, I can feel it in the air. I’m not a fan of the cold weather. In winter, my hands remain perpetually cold – even indoors, even when the heat is turned up. M likes to blame it on bad circulation, but I don’t believe that is the case. Even Mr. Tucker, who is protected from the cold by a thick layer of unruly fur, seeks refuge from the temperature by curling up like a kitten, his head tucked between my feet while I work. It’s the simple knowledge of knowing it’s cold outside that makes it feel cold inside. And possibly the draft from the patio door, but that’s another story.


Earlier, I drug out the Crockpot and plopped an organic beef roast down in it, along with some tri-colored pearl onions, potatoes, and carrot chunks. Later this afternoon I plan to bake a crustless cranberry pie to serve for dessert. I’ve been cooking a lot of cold weather food lately, most recently this wonderful carrot and cilantro soup (pictured above) that I happened upon over at kennybeal’s blog.  I made it as directed, except I only processed half of the vegetables (I like my soup with some texture to it) and used lime juice instead of lemon. It was wonderful and really warmed up my insides. I’ve included the recipe in my files, and with my once-a-week homemade soup habit, I’m sure to make it again.
I’ve got a stack of new colors of eco-felt from Jo-Ann’s that I can’t wait to transform into more adorable pincushions, and a stack of Calico prints that are just waiting for their various projects which shall remain unnamed as of right now since a certain mom of mine has been known to make an appearance on my blog in the past. I don’t want to spoil any surprises, but I’ll share once I’ve finished.


On the recommendation in one of Alicia Paulson’s old  blog posts at Posie Gets Cozy,  I’ve checked out Wives and Daughters on DVD from the library and plan to enjoy that while I work on my projects for the afternoon. It’s a full 10 hours, so I’m hoping to finish it by Friday, along with undisclosed mom-project I mentioned earlier. If the snow comes, I’ll be ready. The pantry is full and I’ve got ideas galore to keep myself occupied.


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