Project: Bumble Bee Pin Cushion

Yesterday, the weather was cold and rainy- wintry mix to be more precise, and I spent a large portion of the day underneath a blanket on the couch trying to keep warm. The down time gave me the few hours I needed to finally finish organizing my embroidery thread box. For the past few years, my embroidery thread has been a tangled, knotty mess stashed in the corner of one of my craft organizers in the closet. I wanted a safe little spot for my embroidery needles and so I just had to make another little pin cushion to organize them.


I decided on creating a little bumble bee. I haven’t seen any tutorials for one of these, so I wasn’t sure if I should use stitches to create the stripes or attach thin gold felt strips. I decided on the latter, as my stitching is not so precise and the felt strips gave me more of a margin of error to work with. The best thing about this little bee? No stingers! All sharp points are safely contained inside of her body and not out. Oh, and she fits perfectly inside of your average embroidery floss organizing case.


The inspiration for this project came from Jen Segrest’s Flickr tutorial on bottle cap pin cushions. You can view another of her tutorials from craft stylish, including some decorative embroidery stitches here.


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  1. 1

    Jin said,

    Eeek! She’s so cute! I am disturbed that she’s being jabbed with needles and pins.

    Not… that I should speak, I make cakes shaped like cute creatures that bleed…:X

  2. 2

    […] the next week or so, she’ll be bunking with the bumble bee and lovely […]

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