Tea Cookies and Tomes

Afternoons and evenings as restful and relaxing as this don’t come around often. I’ve got my nose buried in a book I picked up from the library just before Thanksgiving. I only began reading it just last night, but I have barely been able to put it down. I’ll admit, I am a judge of books by their cover. My preferred way of choosing books at the library is to pick an aisle in the fiction section and then slowly walk its length, head titled, browsing covers and scanning titles. When something jumps out at me, I pull it off the shelf, take a quick glance at the back cover or inside flap, but many times read only a few words. More often than not, the book is dropped into my tote bag as I resume my measured steps to find another. Oftentimes, I am the reader of books not read by others (and sometimes for good reasons). Other times, it seems the book finds me, and I am blessed to turn the pages that many other readers have turned and enjoyed just as I.


The Namesake is a book that sang to me from the shelf. The spine simple, and well-designed, the title vague enough to pique my interest. The cover, boasting “now a major motion picture” still not ringing a bell as far as hearing the title before, and the phrase “winner of the Pulitzer prize” underneath the author’s name, Jhumpa Lahiri, sealing the deal. The book fell into my tote and I walked on looking for another.


Now, here I sit, enjoying every word upon its pages. I can only describe it as being lovely, and unassuming, and real. I take a break now and then to rest my eyes, and find myself looking for tasks to occupy the allotted time I’ve pledged for a break. I’ve spent the day baking Earl Grey tea cookies from Martha Stewart’s cookie book, reading, and tending to a slow-cooking pot of soup on the stove-top. I’ve enjoyed the relative peace and quiet, blemished only by the rhythmic rock of a slipping belt in the dryer, and the timer announcing the arrival of something sweet from the oven. With only 100 pages remaining to read, I wonder should I ignore dinner, the baskets of towels waiting to be folded, grab another cookie, and cozy up into the couch with my blanket and pup?

I shall.


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    Dolores said,

    We choose our library books much the same way my friend. And I can’t think of a better way to spend a “free day” than a bit of baking, a bit of reading, and the comfort of some unattended productivity.

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