Elf Stockings


For the past few years I’ve made it a tradition to send out handmade Christmas cards to friends and family, usually in conjunction with a basket of baked goods or confections. This year, instead of cards and sweets, I decided that I wanted to sew some kind of ornament to give to everyone on the card list. Since this was a last minute decision and I don’t know how to sew (imagine that!) I enlisted the help of my mother to help me work out the specifics and commandeered her sewing machine for the weekend. (After a quick lesson about how to use it, of course.)


These little elf stockings are what I’ve managed to come up with. Aren’t they adorable? I would have loved to add more details, but there just wasn’t time and my skill level is still beginner, so I didn’t want to press my luck. I had enough trouble with the gold thread jamming up the machine and causing the stitches not to go through the felt.


One of my favorite things about the ornament is that the felt is made of recycled soda bottles. One of the reasons that I opted not to make Christmas cards this year is that I couldn’t find matching kraft colored heavy cardstock and envelopes that were made from recycled paper. I’m tired of plain old white or cream and wanted something different. Hence, the ornaments.



Mr. Tucker grew quite tired of the scraps of fabric everywhere and the hum of the machine. He hates it when all of the attention is focused on something other than him. He curled up in a ball on the couch and napped while Mom and I worked out the details of the project and she helped me rip out the many stitches I made in error.



I had such a good time putting these together, even though the cutting of the felt made my arthritis act up and caused the emergence of my “claw” hand for a few days. Even so, it was a wonderful way for my mom and I to spend time together and I’m so glad she was patient enough with me to pass on some sewing tips and tricks. Oddly enough, this project– although a huge undertaking– took so much less time than handmade cards. I’m thinking about making it a new tradition. Maybe next year I’ll do both, provided I can find an appropriate paper source.


My next project? Figuring out how to make this pincushion. My mom has had it for decades and never realized that it was made from ball jar lids, until I pointed it out this weekend. Isn’t it lovely? If anyone happens to have directions, please feel free to send them my way!


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