They Might Be Giants

Last year M and I had a ton of fun hosting a Yahoo Fantasy Football league for some of our friends and we decided to do the same again this year. We held our live draft earlier this evening and while I was stoked about some of the players I ended up with, I’m not so thrilled about others. Some are players I drafted last year and fell in love with (Plaxiglass and the Goulden boy, ahem) while others are new to the team. Some I haven’t really heard much about but with a full league, pickin’s got slim at the end!

The following players are on my roster:

Tony Romo
Brett Favre
Plaxico Burress
Derrick Mason
Reggie Brown
Kevin Curtis
Donte’ Stallworth
Clinton Portis
Kenny Watson
Ahman Green
Rudi Johnson (in the process of replacing with Chris Perry)
Kellen Winslow
Todd Heap
Robbie Gould
Buffalo Defense

Last year we spent many a lazy Sunday in front of the idiot box rooting on players from our fantasy teams. I’m looking forward to much of the same again this year, with the exception being a much more comfy couch and a bigger, better tv. Let the games begin!


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