When the Lights Go Out in the City

M and I celebrated our anniversary on Wednesday by dining at the quaint and historic Elkridge Furnace Inn before heading into Baltimore to see a French psychological thriller called Tell No One. Dinner was fantastic. M had the Spring Lamb Chops and I ordered the Filet de Porc which despite the French sounding name is a dish with flavors and ingredients that are deeply rooted in Southwestern cuisine- red chile marinated pork with red chile sauce, and a quesadilla- I couldn’t have enjoyed it more! Dessert was to die for, and the latke appetizer is a must-try. We even managed to find a sparkling wine from Albuquerque on the wine list which was special to us since Albuquerque is where we tied the knot! We walked around the gardens for a little while and I took some photos with the new camera that M surprised me with for my birthday the day before.

The Elkridge Furnace Inn

Black-Eyed Susans found in the gardens outside

After dinner we drove into Baltimore to see a movie at the Charles Theatre. It started to sprinkle on the way there and in the few minutes that we parked and walked down from the garage the light drizzle turned into a torrential downpour. They weren’t kidding when they issued flash flood warnings! We stood in the garage across the street from the theatre waiting for the rain to let up a bit so that we could cross without getting drenched. As we waited we decided that we should just make a run for it since the water level on the side of the road was nearing the height of the sidewalk and I was wearing open toed shoes. We managed to cross and only soak the bottom halves of ourselves. We’re lucky we got inside when we did as the rain started coming down even harder! We waited inside and a woman with a bulldog took shelter from the weather in a chair next to us. Her dog enjoyed the departure from his regular routine as he busily snarfed down discarded popcorn kernels from the corners of the building. We watched as people out on the street were battling umbrellas turned inside out and heavy winds blew the rain sideways. A few people tried to exit the theatre while we were waiting only to find that when they opened the doors the wind blew the rain at least 15 feet inside of the concession area. They had a hard time getting the doors closed.


The movie itself was excellent. Although I have a tendency towards being anxious the storyline really drew me in and had the seats not been so comfortable I would have been on the edge of mine. Definitely a great pick on M’s part!

The anxiety didn’t end with the movie, however. We walked out of the theatre to find the parking garage pitch black. An offer of a flashlight by the manager of the garage allowed us to get up to our parking place safely, but the whole thing felt way too horror movie-ish. When we exited the garage we found that the manager had not turned out the lights because it was only a few minutes until closing time, but rather most of the city was experiencing a blackout! None of the street lights were illuminated and the traffic lights hung in eerie darkness. It was hard to navigate our way through the roadways and steer clear of other drivers. We did get home safely but it took us three times as long as it normally would have. We were lucky that we didn’t get stuck- the local news reported that some people had to abandon their vehicles in the roadway because of deep flood waters and a few roads had to be closed down because of unsafe conditions!

I really enjoyed the evening but I was quite happy to get home and cozy up in bed with dry clothes! Three years and still an adventure!


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