Gardening, nearly 6 weeks later…

And not only are all of my plants still alive- they’re huuuuge! I’m so impressed with myself. I guess the third time is a charm! I did have to kill a hugely disgusting hairy spider out there today though. It was right by the door and I was afraid it would get in. Ick I’m getting grossed out just thinking about it.

Not the greatest pictures ever- the lighting is harsh right now. But enough to document my success! I swear that my beans have been growing a few inches a day. I’ve tried really hard to catch them doing it, but it hasn’t worked.

cucumber, eggplant, bell peppers, and New Mexico chiles

cucumber blossom

rat king of tomatoes and beans

another tomato…

with an actual tomato growing on it!

abracadabra…like magic, it has changed yet again.


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