Little Sparrow

The little sparrows are hopping and fluttering outside of our patio door today. I watched with amazement as a few seemed to master the art of takeoff while this little one preferred to hop and flap his wings at the same time, thinking that he was flying. What a hot and muggy day to be getting flying lessons from Mama! Mama birdie hung out on a lower limb and chattered her displeasure at the little sparrow’s slow-to-develop flying abilities. We were all pulling for him.

While watching the little sparrow, our usual fleet of crows (including some cute little youngin’ crows), a pair of blue jays, a pair of cardinals and an acorn woodpecker took up residence at the recently squirrel-evacuated feeder. I tried to catch them in pixels, but they were too fast.

The squirrels have invaded the space but are usually nice enough to let the birds share in the bountiful seeds and dried fruit that we provide for them. They sit like gargoyles on stubby limbs protecting the feeder from predators, yet are the first to scamper away at the sign of one of the neighborhood cats. Their acrobatics impress me. as they are very adept at eating while hanging upside down.

It’s also been about a month since I’ve planted my garden. The bush tomato plant has fruit on it- not yet ripe, but definitely producing.

My abradababra rose has graced us with a lovely red flower and another on the way. What beauty and little miracles I have just steps from my home.


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