Body Worlds

M, my brother (who is in town for a conference) and I went to the Body Worlds 2 exhibit last night at the Maryland Science Center. Sunday night after regular museum hours was a great time to go- there were only a few other people there and so we didn’t have to deal with swarms of people around the exhibits. (And we saved $5 on admission.)

I was amazed at seeing real human parts. I learned a lot (like your lungs are a lot bigger than your heart, and silly me- they aren’t hollow like I thought- rather more like a sponge) and it really wasn’t disgusting at all. (There were a couple of things I thought were minorly gross, but nothing major.) One little girl did shriek when she realized that she was looking at a fully naked man. I had to chuckle when her mother loudly admonished “Well, stop staring at it!”

If you get the chance to go I’d highly recommend it. Everything is done in good taste (this isn’t the exhibit that was recently investigated by Dateline) and you can learn a lot about what’s inside of you. As a word of warning I’d say it’s probably not appropriate for kids who aren’t yet middle-school-aged, since they are real humans and some children might find that frightening. Also, no photography of any kind. (They sell postcards, books, and DVDs just outside of the exhibit if you want some sort of memorabilia.)


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