All Up in Your Grill

Yesterday M bought a new charcoal grill. We already had a nice gas grill but it fell victim to a tree limb during a storm at some point this Winter or Spring. We picked up a small portable grill last year on clearance for around $4 but as the adage says- you get what you pay for. This weekend Ace Hardware had the Weber Smokey Joe platinum on sale for $39.99 with a mail-in rebate of $20 making the grill only $19. We previously looked at the regular Smokey Joe grill at Home Depot and it was $34.99 so we figure we’re getting the better model for less money. The true test of how good a deal it was will be tomorrow after we’ve cooked on it.

Tucker was nice enough to help chew off the UPC for the rebate while M assembled the grill.

Today when I went outside to water my plants I had some surprises! One of my tomato plants (the bush tomato) has six or seven blossoms on it. I also have a tiny bright orange spider who has taken up residence in between the leaves of another tomato plant. My initial reaction is to kill any spider I see, but I’m trying to remember that spiders are beneficial to gardens and save my murderous rampages for the giant nasty ones that can wreak havoc to my sense of calm if they get inside. So far so good. And besides, this one made a beautiful little web that I’m sure looks magical in the morning when the dew catches the glint of sunlight. The other surprise, no so nice. Aphids on my rose bush. I mixed together some organic Ecover dish soap and some water and sprayed the part of the vine they are on. This worked really well when I had them on the eggplant a week ago. Tomorrow I will rinse off the residue and the bugs should be blasted to bits. (The reason that the soap works well as a natural pesticide is because the detergent breaks down their waxy protective coatings and then dries out their insides. Gross to think about– but it works, and it’s a lot better than spraying poisonous chemicals all over the plants!)

Blossoms on my tomato!

I’m really looking forward to Memorial Day tomorrow. Lots of grilling, and I’m making baked beans and potato salad for our picnic. I planned ahead and made a big jug of white peach sun tea today, and I bought lemons for a pitcher of homemade lemonade. There will likely be photos and recipes to follow. It should be a relaxing and fun time!


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    flmom said,

    Tucker is just way too cute!

    I love finding new blossoms in the garden … so exciting! I am not big on spiders either, but I am composing myself quite well so far. I’ve seen quite a few in the garden this year.

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