100 Things

(You probably don’t need to know about me):

  1. I have one brother, two brothers-in-law, and three sisters-in-law.
  2. I am a Cancer born on the cusp of Leo, which makes me a crabby lion. Sadly, this is a really accurate depiction of my personality.
  3. My favorite color is brown, with orange coming in at a close second, and aqua at a close third.
  4. I’m a scatterbrain and a klutz.
  5. I read a lot of books.
  6. I’ve lived in four states: Pennsylvania, New York, New Mexico, and Maryland.
  7. I want to learn how to knit and crochet.
  8. I love to go to the theatre- musicals, operas, plays- you name it, I’m there!
  9. I love the look of old fashioned cobblestone streets.
  10. My favorite season is Fall.
  11. I’m a board and card game fanatic– it’s my favorite way to spend a Friday night.
  12. My favorite flowers are tulips, daffodils, and Gerbera daisies.
  13. I can’t stand to watch people throw up and have banned too many tv shows (SURVIVOR being one of them) because of gratuitous barfing.
  14. I wish I knew how to sew. (Other than reattatching a button, which is a good start I suppose.)
  15. I am obsessed with Ikea.
  16. I consistently have a runny or stuffy nose and go through more kleenex than anyone I know.
  17. I type at 69 WPM with 100% accuracy.
  18. I hold grudges like nobody’s business.
  19. I enjoy watching other people get pulled over for speeding.
  20. I’m bad at history, but I’m worse at geography.
  21. I’m really committed to whole living and doing things the natural way– except when it comes to killing bugs.
  22. Sometimes (oftentimes) I feel like a bad Christian because I don’t know enough about the bible.
  23. I’ve never eaten a black olive that didn’t get stuck on the tip of my finger first.
  24. My pet peeves are people who wear nasty sweatpants in public, travelers who stay in hostels, female stand-up comics, people who read magazines while pooping and a few other things that I can’t think of right now but I’m sure to get annoyed about when I think of them.
  25. My favorite cursive letter is the lowercase z. (There’s something so reckless and daring about writing it– like driving too fast on a curvy mountain road.)
  26. I wish I had a greener thumb.
  27. I think “stolen” pens always write better than ones I’ve paid money for.
  28. I have a pen cup labeled “Kiki’s Pens Only” so that no one steals them back.
  29. I’m ashamed that sometimes I buy certain brands just because I like the packages they come in. (As someone with a background in advertising and design, I feel like I should know better.)
  30. One of my favorite sounds is the twinkling of the wind chimes on a breezy day.
  31. I make a pot of homemade soup at least once a week.
  32. I’m scared that I’ll never feel successful or proud of my accomplishments.
  33. I love taking pictures but I hate posing in them.
  34. I think most people look unnatural or goofy in photographs so I usually take pictures of “things” instead.
  35. I like cop shows and made for tv Disney Channel Movies.
  36. I’m intrigued by people who have interesting handwriting.
  37. I’m ashamed to be an artist who doesn’t draw very well.
  38. I love the look of blue jeans but I hate they way they feel. (So I usually don’t wear them!)
  39. If I had my way, I’d have a room with built in floor to ceiling bookshelves. And they’d all be full.
  40. I get frustrated when people don’t trust my instincts about other people.
  41. I’m usually spot on.
  42. The smell of dishwater makes me want to throw up.
  43. I was a Vegetarian for over 10 years but had to give it up for health reasons.
  44. If I had my way, I’d never eat meat again.
  45. I keep a cloth book cover on all of the books I read so people who are as nosy as I am can’t tell what I’m reading.
  46. I’m a Republican and have the utmost respect for our president.
  47. It makes me so angry when people think less of me because of this.
  48. I used to hate eating oranges because of a semi-traumatic childhood incident involving rind and being force fed. This year I gave them another try and I found that I really like them if I cut them into wedges first.
  49. One of my nervous habits is picking at the skin on my lip.
  50. I think it’s less disgusting than chewing on my fingernails like other people do.
  51. I hate not having something on my feet so I’m usually wearing shoes, slippers, or flip flops.
  52. I even have a special pair of canvas shoes that I only wear in my apartment so that they don’t get dirty.
  53. Sometimes I get really wild and walk around in just socks. But never bare foot!
  54. The sound of birds reminds me of my dad.
  55. Oftentimes I leave the patio door open all day just so I can hear them and feel close to him.
  56. I have more cardigan sweaters than Mr. Rogers.
  57. My favorite paintings are Ophelia Drowning (Sir John Everett Millais, 1852) and Saturn Devouring One of his Children (Francisco Goya, 1819).
  58. I’m an excellent speller but I’m ashamed at how miniscule my vocabulary is compared to most writers.
  59. I hate that people assume I’m self-righteous because I bring my own reusable canvas totes to the store. (They’re easier to carry and I’m too lazy to deal with the mass of plastic bags I accumulate otherwise.)
  60. I can listen to the same song over and over again, sometimes for hours, and never get tired of hearing it.
  61. I’m a comma splicer.
  62. I don’t like eating or drinking from plasticware. (Or paper, or styrofoam…)
  63. I feel most peaceful standing at the edge of the ocean with my toes in the sand, the wind in my hair, and my troubles washed away with the retreat of the waves.
  64. For the longest time I didn’t try Indian food because I was afraid that curry would give me horrible diarrhea. (Don’t believe everything you hear.)
  65. I can be extremely gullible. (About things, not people.)
  66. I take pride in silly things like winning the bakeoff at M’s company picnic, or having a well-swept patio.
  67. I love wine but I don’t know much about it. (And I’m afraid to learn because then I won’t appreciate the inexpensive stuff anymore!)
  68. I’ve never met a kitchen gadget I didn’t love.
  69. I find it very hard to respect people with bad grammar.
  70. I don’t read as much of the newspaper as I’d like because it smells bad and makes my hands dirty.
  71. I like men with soulpatches- my most favorite being the fictional character “Tony Alameda” from the tv show 24.
  72. I think fine art prints and posters are gauche.
  73. As a general rule, I don’t like canned vegetables. (I buy canned corn and tomatoes. Since tomatoes are a fruit they technically don’t count.)
  74. I can’t walk in high heels.
  75. I don’t want to have children.
  76. I have a (huge) celebricrush on the NY Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress.
  77. My dream kitchen would have countertop space for rows of glass canisters filled with all sorts of dried beans, rices, pastas, and anything else that strikes my fancy.
  78. I feel coziest during a thunderstorm when I’m curled up in a warm blanket and engulfed in a good book.
  79. I know run on sentences are grammatically incorrect but I use them anyway.
  80. I hate dust and clutter. It makes me feel crazy in the head.
  81. I love Spanish architecture, especially heavy, carved wooden doors and rounded archways.
  82. I think Kojo Nnamdi is one of the most interesting and intelligent people ever.
  83. I’m a princess about my bedding- must have high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets and if there was a pea under my mattress you can take it to the bank that I’d know about it.
  84. It makes me feel special when something other than junk mail arrives addressed with my name.
  85. Except for the bathroom, there is a cross hanging in every room of my home.
  86. I hate writing on wide ruled paper.
  87. My favorite snack is nonfat Stonyfield Farm vanilla yogurt with fresh fruit and granola.
  88. Most women adore shoes and handbags, but my favorite accessory is a great pair of sunglasses!
  89. I used to collect swords.
  90. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2005.
  91. I worry that people think less of me because I don’t have a real job.
  92. What they don’t realize is taking care of myself is a full-time job.
  93. I think the relationship between celebrity chef, Ina Garten, and her husband Jeffrey is so endearing.
  94. I can only hope that M and I are as happy and young at heart when we grow to be their age.
  95. I am a subscriber of way too many magazines.
  96. I’ve never bought anything from an ice cream man before.
  97. I like staying up, late but even better is how I feel when I’m able to wake up really early.
  98. I’m paranoid about fire safety.
  99. If it wasn’t against the law, I’d seriously consider a career in jewel or art thievery.
  100. Apparently I have no problem talking about myself…this list was easy!

3 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    flmom said,

    I followed a link over here from OGD. I am laughing so hard at #’s 2 and 18. Those sum me up as well!

  2. 2

    Jin said,

    Hehehehe at many of those things.

    but my brain forgot which ones I liked when I started typing this… Oooh twinkle.

  3. 3

    Jen said,

    Thanks for the comment on my post about “what defines us.” Yes, it was this entry that I read that got me started on my own list.

    I love your list. It’s much cooler than mine 🙂 I can’t think of much to put down on my own.

    I score as an ENFP, but I vacillate, depending on when I take it. I too often score as an INFP.

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