Gardening 101, Round 3

On this subject of gardening I must recuse myself- I have a black thumb and I’m a horrible gardener. Gardening 101 refers to the fact that every year I start over with the same information and hope to accomplish something new and better. Every year I try to learn from my mistakes but it seems I fail. Alas I keep trying because the act in itself brings me joy. I love being able to tend to living things, although a mother-type or a nurturer I am not. There’s something joyful about being able to provide for myself from my garden even if it’s just a few moments every day where I fill up the watering cans and watch with hopeful intentions that things will eventually flourish. This year we purchased organic plants, since every store now is on the green bandwagon there were a ton to choose from. It seemed as if everyone was out today buying things for their garden. I talked to some very nice people at various stores this year and it’s so nice to see that there are so many (pardon the pun) down-to-earth people who won’t hesitate to admit they know nothing about gardening but find so much joy in it that they try again every year.

Three years ago was the first year I made an attempt at having a container garden. I was so upset because someone in my neighborhood had the audacity to come steal some of my plants. Who on earth would do such a thing? Steal something of real value, not a plant that’s barely surviving and is obviously not worth anything in the way of food. Perhaps the thief was someone who saw that my little plants weren’t as hearty as they could be and was good-hearted enough to try and rescue them and nurture them back to health. Probably not, but it’s what I like to tell myself so I’m not as jaded towards the world as I probably should be.

This year M, Tucker (he helps a lot!) and I planted these fruits and vegetables:
1 sugary cherry tomato
1 yellow pear heirloom tomato
1 bush tomato
1 New Mexico green chile pepper
1 burpless cucumber
2 climbing blue lake bean

I also have a huge bowl of herbs. Last year I did wonderfully with herbs that I started from seeds. This year with all of the craziness that I’ve had to deal with I decided to just buy the plants to save myself the time and hassle of starting herbs from seeds. I wasn’t able to find any dill so I will either go without that this year or I’ll have to think about starting that from seeds. I can’t wait until the plants fill out a bit more so I can start taking snippets of them to use in my cooking. I have some varieties of basil that I’ve never used before so I’m very excited about experimenting with those!

The herbs in my herb bowl are chives, oregano, cilantro, mint, golden sage, upright rosemary, Italian parsley, and basil. I got three types of basil: sweet, purple, and cinnamon basil.

I would still like to get some sort of squash and some sweet bell peppers. M is so excited about the New Mexico chile plant. I think he has big plans that it’s going to bear pounds upon pounds of fruit. He hails from southern New Mexico and if you’ve ever been there you know how manic all New Mexicans are about their green chile. They put it in or on anything and everything. It’s insane.

I still have the abracadabra rose and the grape bush that M bought me last year. (Clearance plants- who’da thunk it?) The grape didn’t do much but I have a friend that said hers didn’t produce until a few years later. We’ll see. I’m holding out no hope for it. The abracadabra rose was beautiful when it bloomed last year. I can only hope that it graces me with more pink hues again this year.

ETA 5/4/08: Added to the garden: blushing beauty pepper, satin beauty egg plant, dill.

Some highlights of our afternoon…

M popping out the drainage holes and putting soil into the pots.

Tucker always looks for a stick to chew on when I go outside to work in the “garden.” I think he’s trying to make mulch.

He’s also got allergies just like me! I took this a millisecond before he sneezed.

At least this time it was just grass and not rabbit poop.


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    Jin said,

    heh..funny tucker face

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