Moroccan Stew and Flatbread

Tonight for dinner I prepared a recipe that I found on for Squash, Chickpea, and Red Lentil Stew. I had purchased red lentils for another recipe that I clipped out of a magazine but then couldn’t find where I had placed the recipe for safekeeping. So, I started searching online for something else to use the red lentils in. I chose this recipe because it can be prepared in a slow cooker and it’s healthy. We love squash and chick peas so this was something I was fairly sure we’d enjoy.

When I told M what my plans were, he requested some sort of flat bread to accompany the meal. Rather than run to the store to buy something I decided to try making some myself and went back to my internet search to find a recipe. The stew is North African so I tried searching for North African flat bread recipes. I didn’t have much luck. My geography skills are beyond miserable so I decided to consult a map to see what countries made up the Northern region of Africa. (I found TONS of recipes for East African and Indian flat breads!) Morocco seemed like the most logical choice so I got my nose back on the trail and quickly located a recipe for something called R’ghayef. Don’t ask me how to say it- I’ve really got no clue- but it looked like something I could handle. The R’ghayef came out tasting very good and I’m only assuming that I made it correctly. I couldn’t find any pictures to refer to so I’m hoping I did it justice. It reminded me a lot of making tortillas but the dough was a lot easier to work with. (Cleaning up was another story- the oil created a slip ‘n slide on my countertop!) If you’re interested in making this meal you can find the recipes I used here:

Squash, Chickpea, and Red Lentil Stew


These are definitely something I’ll be filing away to prepare again for another meal!


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