The Calm Before (and After) the Storm

It’s Wednesday and I’m currently curled up on the couch with a cup of black bean bisque in hand awaiting some relaxation time. The past two weeks have been tremendously stressful and today I need a little escape from reality. My plans include staying in comfy clothes all day and hogging my Chris Madden throw all to myself while sprawled out on the couch catching up on my TiVo “now playing” list. If I get really ambitious I may even crack open a book or fiddle with my camera but it’s not likely.

The weather today is like a constant fight with the clouds and sunshine both vying for top billing. Right now the sunshine is barely winning out and so the clouds have resorted to throwing a temper tantrum. Their puffy cheeks are dams to welled up tears just waiting to spill out and stream down all over the Earth in a rainstorm of sadness and hope.

Sometimes a good cry helps everything to feel new and fresh again. When it comes to an end, the grass will be greener, the sky will be at rest, the blossoms will unfurl themselves and all will give praise to the sunshine for keeping its promise of coming back and glorifying yet another day.

That simple but amazing truth is one of the many things I find comfort in and my sincerest wish for today is that someone else can seek comfort in it as well.


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