Whether the Cursor Scrolls up

…or whether the cursor scrolls down. Whatever the cursor, curses! This cursor, I want it to start scrolling down!

Beside me sits a graveyard of keys belonging to the laptop upon which I am composing this very post. The headstones read: up arrow, down arrow, and page up. They may be resting in peace. I, however, am not. In a fit of rage I removed them all.

For the past hour, every few moments the cursor races up the laptop screen. It’s driven me almost bonkers- which isn’t saying much considering I’m usually teetering at the halfway point anyway. But I digress. It’s happening even after I’ve disabled the scroll pad.

I worry that if it happens any more frequently I will have the entire keyboard dismantled and added to my key graveyard by the time M gets home from work. The situation has made it next to impossible to accomplish anything without stopping a few times to correct my text. Forget trying to read any gossip blogs, as soon as I get to one of the juicy parts the screen scrolls upwards forcing me to lose my spot. It is almost as if my conscience is controlling the screen and saying to me you know better than to read these scandalous stories about people you don’t even know! Harumph.

To test out my guilty conscience theory I tried going to a more wholesome website. Issue still happens. (See, I know how to troubleshoot an issue.)

I’ve checked for sticky keys, dust, doghairs, cheetos. There is no physical obstruction of the keys anywhere that I can see. If you have some genius solution to my problem, please post a comment letting me know. Otherwise I’ll have to chalk it up to gravity surges. (And who in their right mind is going to believe that?)


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