Plaxico is Smokin’ Hot!

While most of my fantasy football team players were a complete disappointment this week I was overjoyed by the performances of Ben Roethlisburger and Plaxico Burress. My fantasy football team scored 84.64 points and with 32.40 points Burress was the lead scorer from my lineup with Roethlisberger in a close second at 30.64 points. Now I know what you’re thinking. Girls have no business with getting into fantasy football and that’s why I didn’t do so hot. (I’ll have you know that the league I play in is made up almost entirely of women and every one of them is doing amazing!) I picked a really good team but a lot of them didn’t follow through. If they continue along this path they’ll be benched faster than Donald Trump can say “You’re fired!” I’m a ruthless woman and I know what to do with my men!

The other guys I had playing scored as follows:

Donte’ Stallworth 1.90
Santana Moss 2.8
Steven Jackson 2.10 (UGHH!)
Deuce McAllister 4.50
Kellen Winslow 8.30
Robbie Gould 3.00

The biggest knife in the back? Dallas as my defensive lineup and they sucked it up at a whopping -1.


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