Preakness Weakness

Horseracing and gambling go hand in hand. I love to gamble. It’s Preakness day and I am a happy camper.

Picking a favorite is not an easy task. I like to look at the horses and size them up. Which one is holding his head high? Which one has that “look” in his eyes? I don’t go for the odds on favorite. I choose the horse who looks like he has the most heart and has it in him to win. Last year while everyone was betting on Barbaro as a guaranteed win I nervously said to M “There’s something wrong with that horse.” I don’t know why anyone else didn’t see it. There was fear in his eyes. Sadly, Barbaro had to be put down this year after injuring his leg during last years Preakness race.

This year M took no time to decide– instantly picking his favorite, Curlin, who was predicted to come in second.

As I sat in my sundress and fancy pink hat I announced to him that my pick was C P West. He gave me an incredulous smile and nodded asking me if I liked the name the best or just thought he was the prettiest horse. I get no respect. I guess people don’t expect much from a bimbo in a pink hat.

I had my hopes up as the race started and my horse pulled up closer and closer to the front– definitely a possible contender for a top 3 finish. While he ultimately placed in fourth (which is not bad for a horse with 24-1 odds against him!) I felt redeemed in M’s eyes that I knew how to pick a horse that wanted the win.


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