An Unsenseotional "Cup" of Coffee

A few months back I was able to participate in a promotion through Senseo where I got a free single serve coffee machine and a package of 18 coffee pods. I’m ecstatic. Not only is it free– it’s cute. It’s cool. It’s trendy. And I now own one!

As I’m setting up the machine I am ramped up with excitement to use it for the first time and incredibly anxious to taste that first frothy mug. I follow the directions carefully, being sure to properly flush the machine. I fill the reservoir, then insert the pod into the pod holder, and press the “on” button to get the process started. It rumbles for about a minute and then the light on the machine indicates to choose if I want to brew one cup or two. I press one cup and watch with amazement as the coffee drizzles out of the spout into my cup, just as promised. Well maybe not just as promised. About halfway full, the drizzle turns into a trickle and eventually stops. Where is the other half of my cup? I try the process again only to arrive at the same outcome. For a moment I want to consolidate the two half mug fulls I’ve made and figure it out later but I press on trying to figure out what’s wrong. I reread the directions. I consult the website for troubleshooting assistance. I recheck the machine, and re flush the system to start the setup process over. After another round of failures I shout for the man of the house. M comes into the kitchen, brains and brawn to the rescue, to save me from the obstinate Senseo machine. I leave him alone to go about his fixing of the machine. Five minutes later he calls me into the kitchen. Everything is working properly now. Apparently, it was also working properly before.

So you ask in confusion, “What happened?”

What happened?

I’ll tell you what happened.

From the Senseo booklet: The one cup button brews a 4 oz cup of coffee.

Who in their right mind drinks only a 4 oz cup of coffee? Effete European girlymen Commie-pinkos, that’s who.

That is only half of a cup of coffee, both literally and figuratively.

This machine is not so senseotional after all.


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