Movie Theater Etiquette & Conduct

1. Have your money ready before you get to the window to pay. Do not go to the window and expect to pay for your movie with a check.

2. Teaching kids about money is a good thing. On that note please teach them that their 2$ is not enough to buy anything at the concession stand. Before you get in line!

3. Do not text message during the movie. The little blue light on your phone is just as annoying as hearing your ringtone or you talking.

4. If there are other seats available do not sit directly next to someone. Especially if you are alone! It’s weird and makes me think you plan to molest me or steal my purse.

5. If you have a weak bladder sit on the end of the row. And go to the bathroom before the movie starts.

6. If you sneak food in, please don’t let it be something noisy like a family sized bag of potato chips, or something that is impossible to eat in the dark without making a mess, like a subway sandwich. This is a movie theater, not a dinner theater.

7. Only weirdos order pickles at the concession stand.

8. The seat in front of you is not a foot rest. Especially when I am sitting in it.

9. The saying “Going to the movies alone is going to the movies with someone you like” is a load of bull. Only weirdos go to the movies alone. If you go to the movies alone you may as well order a pickle.

10. I don’t care if you don’t like previews. Arrive before the movie starts. Don’t make me enjoy my movie experience less so that you can enjoy yours more. I’m seated and I plan to stay that way.


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